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Stir Blade Weldment #20818

Located inside the kettle and works to agitate the corn into popped product. Can be damaged/ bent to unusable condition over time from lack of cleaning.

Stir Blade Retaining Pin #19995

Located inside of the kettle and works to secure the stir blade to the agitator shaft. Removed every night when the stir blade is cleaned, so can be misplaced and lost in this cleaning process.

Spring #1991

0.125″ Pitch, 0.036″ Wire Diameter
Located inside of the shaft connector, this spring works to engage the stir blade to the agitator shaft. Should remove monthly during cover cleaning process.

Cover Retaining Spring #1471

Located on top of the kettle cover and helps to keep the cover on while popping. Can often be misplaced during the cleaning / removal process.

Switch-Lighted-230v #5130

Agitator Shaft #4833

Discharge Tube Bottom #1089-1

Ferrule (use with 1089-1) #12261

Plexiglass Door #10358-M5

Door Hinge & Strap – Left #1154

Door Hinge & Strap – Right #1155

Doorknob #1292

Cover Center & Nut #14602

Line Heater, Front (New Style) #16487

Line Heater (Old Style) #5791

Bag Connector – Grey #4673

Barb Cap #4951

Tubing – 3/8″ #1223

O-Ring Quick Connect – 3/8″ #5217-2

Replacement Part # 14476-4

Clean daily and let air dry overnight

Place the BAFFLE FILTER in the sink with a non-corrosive degreaser and hot water to wash. Rinse thoroughly and place the BAFFLE FILTER on end in a vertical position and allow to air dry completely overnight.

Replacement Part # 14476-WH

Clean daily and let air dry overnight

Mix a solution of½ gallon of Simple Green®, Clear Magic® or other comparable alternative with 6.5 gallons of water in the SOAK TANK (Do Not Use dish soap as this will leave a film on the fins of the filter).

Do not use this solution more than 30 days; change as needed. Add additional water as necessary to cover the EAC. Allow it to soak for 30 minutes.

Remove the EAC from SOAK TANK. Rinse thoroughly with “HOT” water and place on end to dry completely overnight.


Replacement Part # 14476-5

Disposable Filter

Replace every 30 days or as needed.

Replacement Part # 14132

20/32oz Diplomats

Replacement Part # 14136

40/32oz – 3′ Diplomats and all 4′, 5′, and 6′ Diplomats and President Models

P/N Description
1991 SPRING, 0.125″ PITCH, 0.036″ WIRE DIAMETER
1114 1/4-20 X 3/B”LG, SQ HD SET SCREW, CUP POINT, 18-8 S.S.
21322 3/16″DIA X l”LG, GROOVED PIN, 18-8 S.S.
  1. Step One – Determine 0il quantity needed. For a 3 to 1 corn to oil ratio set your pump timer to deliver the following amounts of oil based on your popper’s kettle size:
    • 20oz Kettle – Use 20oz of Com, 6.7oz of Oil, 2 tsp of Salt
    • 32oz Kettle – Use 32oz of Com, 10.7oz of Oil, 3 tsp of Salt
    • 48oz Kettle – Use 48oz of Com, 16oz of Oil, 4 tsp of Salt
    • 60oz Kettle – Use 60oz of Com, 20oz of Oil, 5 tsp of Salt
  1. Step Two – Locate the timer. The timer Is located on the lower right hand comer of the BIB oil pump. To access the timer, remove the round hole-cover using a screwdriver.
  2. Step Three – Identify the switches. There are 10 white switches built into a red block. Each switch is numbered 1 through 10. Switch number 1 is furthest to the right Above the switches is an orange decal with numbers aligned and corresponding to each specific white switch. The numbers on the orange decal stand for the amount of time (in seconds) that each white switch will allow the pump to run if engaged.
  3. Step Four – Setting the switches. One second set on the timer is approximately equal to one ounce of oil being delivered into the kettle. The numbers on the orange decal signify seconds therefore if the number 10 switch is turned on the pump will run for512 seconds and deliver approximately 512oz of oil into the kettle. If the numbers 1 and 5 switches are turned on the pump will run for 17 seconds and deliver approximately 17oz of oil into the kettle.

    To adjust the oil for a 32oz kettle so that it receives 8oz of oil, the timer needs to be set for 8 seconds. This means that switch number 4 needs to be engaged or turned on. The white switches are in the off position when they are pressed down along the orange decal. To set a switch, use a pen or screwdriver to flip it into the opposite direction. To get the pump to pump for 8 seconds press the number 4 switch so that it is sticking up along the orange decal. For a 48oz kettle flip on switches 3 and 4 to deliver 12oz of oil.

  4. Step Five Measuring the oil output. Hold a measuring cup under the oil dispensing tube located in/near the kettle. Tum the pump switch on and press the oil button or One Pop button to dispense the oil. To stop oil from dispensing mid-cycle. tum off the pump switch. To avoid a false reading, be sure to wait at least two minutes in between test allowing the oil to fully drain back.

  1. Step 1 – Corn First

    • Fill the com measure with popcorn and the salt measure with Cretors Flavored Salt®.
    • Empty both into the kettle.
      Making sugar corn?

      Then add the correct amount of sugar in place of salt.

      Keep your Lid On
      Close the kettle lid by pulling the kettle cover knob down.
  2. Step 2 – The Ultimate Turn-On
    • Tum ON the exhaust fan.
    • Turn ON the kettle heat.
    • Press the oil delivery button
    • Turn ON the pump.
    • Turn ON the agitator.
    • Machines equipped with One-Pop option (The big round green button):

      • Press the green One-Pop button to begin the popping cycle and deliver the oil.
      • The kettle will not heat until this button is pushed!!

    • Stand Back and Be A-mazed (maze is Indian for corn – A-mazed – popcorn – get it?)
      • In about 2½ minutes the popped corn will push the lid open.
      • After the lid has risen about 1½ inches it will magically open, allowing the popcorn to leave the kettle.
      • When you can count to 4 between pops, dump the kettle by pulling the large black handle down as far as it will go.
      • After it’s empty return the handle to the upright position and close lid.
  3. Step 3 – Sold That Batch Already? – Corn First!
    • After popping that first batch the kettle is VERY, VERY hot.
    • Don’t touch it {Duh!) and never EVER put oil into the kettle before the popcorn! Why? Because you could start a flash fire!
  4. Step 4 – Done Popping for a while?
    • Tum OFF the kettle switch.
    • Leave pump switch ON to keep the oil in liquid form.
    • Leave ON comditioner to keep popcorn warm and crisp.
    • Tum OFF the exhaust.
    • Tum OFF the agitator.